Was it COVID-19?

Get your antibody test results.

Have you already been through a coronavirus infection?

The coronavirus pandemic does not only require radical measures for the containment of the pathogen, it also causes anxiety and uncertainty in the general population. But as COVID-19 infections show a harmless course in the vast majority of affected persons, no laboratory diagnostics for disease detection have been performed in most of those cases. Therefore, a high estimated number of undetected cases is expected.

With the help of a simple blood test, we can determine whether you likely have been infected with the coronavirus before.

Dear Chinese residents, According to new Airline Boarding Requirements all Chinese and foreign passengers bound for China are requested to take nucleic acid (PCR-Test) and IgM anti-body tests before boarding the flight. Unfortunately, only the “Mein Direktlabor” sites Ingelheim, Bioscientia Labor Karlsruhe and Augsburg meet the necessary prerequisites for the detection of acute coronavirus infections and perform the coronavirus test (PCRs). The  IgM anti-body test is not performed at any of our facilities. 

Benefits at a glance:

  • Detection of antibodies as early as 4 weeks following a possible infectious event
  • Antibody testing, including quality assurance and medical interpretation, conducted by renowned laboratory
  • No waiting time for blood sampling
  • Get your results typically within 12 to 24 hours
  • No inconvenient and error-prone blood sampling on your own (as required for self-testing)

When would it be useful to get tested for coronavirus antibodies?

If one of the following criteria applies to you, coronavirus antibody testing may be useful for you:

• If you had COVID-19 symptoms 4 weeks or longer ago and no PCR testing for acute infection has been performed or PCR testing was negative. You are currently free of symptoms.
• If you had acute respiratory symptoms and were in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient 4 weeks or longer ago and no PCR testing has been performed. You are currently free of symptoms.

An in-depth one-to-one conversation with one of our physicians prior to antibody testing is possible. Set up an appointment now.

Antibody tests are used in cases, where your body has already developed an immune response to the pathogen. Antibodies to the coronavirus (antibodies to SARS-CoV-2) can usually be detected approximately 4 weeks following an infection. Thus, if you had contact with a person suffering from COVID-19, we can use a blood sample to determine, if you have been through an infection, as early as 4 weeks thereafter. If you experienced symptoms indicative of COVID-19, coronavirus antibody testing provides reliable results as early as 3 weeks after symptom onset.

The test is not suitable for the detection of acute coronavirus infections. If you are currently having symptoms and suspect suffering from COVID-19 infection, please contact the competent public health department (“Gesundheitsamt”) or call 116117. Please do not come to our laboratory!

The coronavirus is transmitted from one person to another by droplet infection when sneezing, coughing or talking. The course of the disease in case of infection can vary considerably. In 20-50% of infected persons, the virus does not cause any symptoms. Moreover, 80% of sick patients suffer from nothing but mild or moderate symptoms. Typical symptoms are:

• fever
• cough
• shortness of breath
• muscle/joint pain
• sore throat
• headache

However, in 20% of infected persons, severe disease with respiratory distress right up to lung failure develops. Persons at an age of 50-60 years or older, smokers and persons with certain pre-existing conditions (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes mellitus, immune deficiency, cancer) have a higher risk.

A simple blood sample can show, whether your body has already developed an immune response to the coronavirus. A sample is collected by means of drawing blood (from a vein).

Currently offered “quick tests” for the detection of antibodies to the coronavirus are not recommended, because those tests are currently not reliable.

If antibodies to the coronavirus were found in your blood, it is likely that you have already been through an infection.

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